Friday, May 17, 2013

Friendship SMS

Khuda ki banai qudrat nahi dekhi,
Dilon main chupi dolat nahi dekhi,
Jo kehta hai doori se mit jati hai dosti,
Us ney shayud hamari dosti nahi daikhi

0ur Friendship is Like Playing on See-Saw
Not only Because Its Always Fun With You
But Also Because I Wouldnt Mind
Going Down 2 See You Rising !!!

A FaCT :

When you are up in life,
Your friends get to know who you are.


When you are down in life,
You get to know who your friends are�

What is a friend?
He looks out for you,
inspires you,
laughs with you,
cries with you,
understands you,
guides you and walks with you.
That�s what a friend is.

The Test Of Friendship
Dosen�t Comes When U R 2gether.
It Comes When U Part Ways &
U Realize That Despite The Distance,
The Friendship Is Still There�

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